The following posts are my ideas about My World, Politics, Education, and Religion. They aren’t meant to be scholarly articles. I can’t do that, and who reads that stuff? These are just one-sided conversations with non-experts and people who will give ideas some time.

I appreciate the time given to reading my ideas. Thank you. I can promise almost nothing in return, but an honest attempt at some truth.

This Blog is divided into 4 areas of my interest.

My World          Politics           Education           Religion

Each topic is familiar to all of us and these posts are my contributions to the dialogue.

MY WORLD is reached mostly through news services, Blogs, and Social Media. Any one alone is not trustworthy, so if I want to know about something, it will take a search for reliable information. I stay current with a balanced group of international news services, American news services, and Blogs offered by “experts” in their fields. I use an even number of information sources, conservative and liberal, for each American political philosophy – Independent, Democrat, and Republican.

I am an American. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. The difference is significant. When I hear someone is either a Republican or a Democrat, I wonder when and why they decided to stop being an American. The evidence for the clear distinction between Americans and Party Advocates will be a central theme in my POLITICS.

I will argue on these pages that EDUCATON is our best hope for America and so far, it is our greatest failure. I believe we can save ourselves by using the internet in the classrooms for more self-directed teaching, getting rid of tenure, and putting cameras in our classrooms.

My RELIGION is currently a disappointment. Too many people who claim to be closest to Jesus act like they never heard of the Guy as they beat people up with the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. I’m interested in how Jesus became the pendulum swinging between God and Politics.

An ongoing section of this Blog will be a search for information about a line of reasoning offered by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman in the book, “Manufacturing Consent.”   The collection of articles will be titled

The Vile Maxim

the vile maxim

and it will contain the following 10 sections that work to explain the selling-off of America by a collection of Whores and Traitors:

1.  Reduce Democracy

2.  Shape Ideology

3.  Redesign the Economy

4.  Shift the Burden

5.  Attack Solidarity

6.  Regulate the Regulators

7.  Engineer Elections

8.  Control the People

9.  Manufacture Consent

10.  Marginalize the Population

The internet opens all doors to knowledge. What we can know is only limited by our skills at asking the right questions. This Blog will work to ask the right questions and I’ll give the evidence I find for my opinions.



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