Add One More to the List  

I’m a little surprised at just how ignorant Americans are of this world, and I am embarrassed by what I see on social media that pretends to be adult conversation about the serious world and national issues.  The world is watching us duck a problem we created by our arrogant and uninformed dealings with sovereign nations in the Middle East.  Against everyone’s advice who ever read a book, we destabilized the Middle East and what is happening now is what we were warned against.  America created most of this immigration problem.  And the coalition countries who followed us into disaster in each Gulf War are taking the brunt of what always comes from our foolishness.

Right this instant there are people, literally, dying to get into this country.  They are coming and we cannot and should not stop them.  What we should do is what we already do, separate the good people from the bad people.  That is just one of the many continual jobs of any country.  We get bad people from other countries and we grow bad people right here at home.  What has ever been new about that?

Is it likely that everyone running for their lives from war-torn and corrupt countries are just bad people?  Is that even reasonable to think about?  Maybe there are going to be just enough bad people coming along with the good people to tip the scale in favor of complete national collapse?  I say no.

There are plenty of good people looking out for bad people.  We catch them all the time.  Some we don’t catch and they will do their damage.  The probability that an immigrant will come here just to do damage to us is actually not as high as the probability that a child born here will do the exact same damage.

In our history, we have said much the same things about every group of people who came to our shores.  The Colonials restricted Catholics.  We tried and often succeeded in placing immigration restrictions on the Irish, the Jews, The Germans, the Italians, the Chinese and Japanese, and our recent history has its own additions to this list.  Now we add fleeing Middle Easterners.

Notice how Catholics, Irish, Germans, Jews, Italians, Chinese, Japanese and Mexicans have managed to settle in without destroying America?  Even though there has been, and will always be, criminals in every ethnic group, we found them out, separated them from the decent people and we moved on.

We should be adults about this Middle East exodus and take some responsibility for our actions.  Maybe we can gain back some of our national honor by doing the right thing.   There is always some bad that hangs around the good.  We will find it out and move on, maybe this time with some earned pride. –MJ


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