Am I Understanding This Correctly?

If I am understanding this correctly:  The Democrat Party rigged the primaries against a candidate who would have won the general Presidential election, if the primary election had not been rigged.   That doesn’t seem to bother the Democrats or the Justice Department.  In fact, the person who rigged the election process was given a position of importance in the campaign of the candidate that the rigging helped.

Even the stupid resent rigging elections, so who would vote for election-riggers?

It became obvious that one and maybe both candidates take money from sworn enemies of this country to give to other sworn enemies of this country to make wars so we can feed the Military Industrial Complex, which currently eats more than 50% of every dollar generated in America.

The shrinking middle class and working poor notice everything is against them, so they vote against everything.  They don’t understand that their jobs and lifestyles must die in this form of re-distributive economics, but they still want daddy to increase their allowances, just because they have been good sheep.   They never realize sheep are for shearing.




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