The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea



OK Trumpeters, you got it said, thank you. We enjoyed watching and most of what you said is absolutely true – to a degree. But, it’s time to get real.


Take everything you own and everything you hope to own and put it in a pile — then decide what kind of person you would like to manage your life’s work. Will you be looking for a responsible and proven manager, or will you look for a riverboat gambler to manage your world?

I think it’s time to start looking at America like it’s our business and we care

very much about how our possessions and our futures, are administered.

Everyone has had their say. It was fun tilting at rainbows or windmills – whatever –and creating some reality social media. We have all been part of a fine American tradition until now, but our house is a mess and it’s time to clean up. We won’t clean anything up by setting a bomb off in the middle of our stuff. Look around, our foundations are already weak from years of citizen neglect. Is this really the time to reap the whirlwind?

We may not like Hillary. Fine. You know who does like Hillary? Everyone running countries we do business with. None of those people have anything nice to say about Donald Trump. If you think things are bad now, try four years of international gridlock. That will look something like, “Buy your own crap, bigmouth.” — In several different languages. You just can’t, “bomb the “sh*t” out of someone to get them to buying your stuff.

Donald Trump sells his business acumen as his reason to run the world. Yet, every day we find out more about what a horrible businessman and human being he actually is. Why is he still a thing?

“The business president who can’t do business”

is not a winning bumper-sticker or a winning promise.

The Donald is not a subtle thinker, he is a bully and leverage-maker.  He enjoys the bankruptcy laws just a little too much and his sub-contractors in his dynasty building are mostly feeling cheated and worse for the relationship.  His negotiation skills are clear in the amazing number of times he’s been sued.

You can’t yell at a chessboard and expect to win. Winning at world diplomacy is much like chess in that, at the very least, it requires knowledge of the board and the players. In this case, who would be the logical choice in that important area of presidential responsibility?

Donald Trump and his followers have done an admirable job for America. We see ourselves in a better light because of his campaign. Now, it’s time to decide between the potentially crazy and the presumed cunning. Who do we want to control our pile of stuff and all the stuff we hope to add to us?

Our choice isn’t between the liar and the thief, our choice is between the talk and accomplished negotiations.

At the end of 4 years, which one of our two candidates will manage our pile of stuff —  better?























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