Jesus is Not Coming to America



Something social scientists have known for a long time:

White Evangelical Christians are the group least likely to support politicians or policies that reflect the actual teachings of Jesus.

So there is no confusion.

That’s one of the many reasons why it’s best for religious people to stay out of politics and to avoid people who use Jesus as a political tool. Christian leaders are doing their jobs badly, that’s the only reason Jesus is in the middle of political discussions. Jesus is the foil for politicians to get old testament ideas into current politics. They say Jesus means bla, bla, bla, and use old testament quotes to support some political agendas, and if you don’t agree or if you have better ethics, you are branded not Christian enough. There is a disconnect. Jesus said some things. They were not political. Men make them political by adding foolishness to Jesus’ words, like Jesus wasn’t smart enough to add those things into his conversations, himself.

Politicized Christians need Jesus for the brand; not his words or his soul. They need to stand next to Jesus, like he was a trophy wife, to say and do unchristian things. I find that disgusting. The recent Republican charade, complete with religious leader-groupies and their statements that confuse sociopathy with “baby Christian”-hood, are evidence of the decline of Christendom.

Imagine how cynical one would have to be to use Jesus to punish people, to exclude them from a safe harbor or their own country, or pass unconstitutional laws in the name of America and God. That is why Jesus is not coming to America.

According to ancient prophecies a great leader will come to us during a period of great desperation and crisis, this is known as the end of times.

At one time the Romans were experiencing discontent in their outlying regions, particularly Palestine, were rumors of a prophet Messiah who would ease oppressions and unite the people, were spreading. The Romans were aware of this unrest and these rumors and were looking out for agitators.

When Jesus began his teachings he warned his followers not to tell anyone that he was the Christ or that he was going to be the fulfillment of ancient prophecies, because the political climate of the time would make that revelation too dangerous for him. Things are going good for the new guy until he messed with the money. Then his quaint message of love and peace became inflammatory and seditious political rhetoric.

The rest of the story is well known. Jesus throws a tizzy in the money room and the religious guys get together with the government guys and kill him. The religious guys blamed the government guys and the government guys reminded everyone they were just giving the people what they wanted, but in the end, the good guy got killed over politics and money.

It all worked out for almost everyone. Jesus got to die, which was the plan, and the religious/business guys maintained their cozy relationship. The people learned that there can be someone who will sacrifice everything for them and everyone learned if you mess with powerful people’s money, they will kill you.

With that lesson clearly obvious, why are Christians luring Jesus to America? Are they trying to get him killed again? Why put the guy right back in the middle of the same people who killed him the first time and expect a different result? That’s crazy. Jesus is forgiving – not stupid.

One quick look around this “Christian” nation and He would see, to his horror, that the people throwing his name around the most are the last people he would want to associate with. What god will help people who will not take his words seriously?

Jesus already did the, “I’ll die for your everlasting salvation” thing. What could possibly interest him in America? If he’s smart enough to be god, he can certainly see déjà vu all over again. No! Jesus is not coming to America. He’s too smart for that, and besides, he can’t do anything here without upsetting the money changers. It’s all about changing money here.

Jesus knows, messing with the money will get you killed.

Jesus is not coming to America.

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