Christian Shame For America.

Imagine a large group of gears all working in concert to drive a great machine. One central shaft with its drive gear is powering the whole monstrosity. What would happen to the collection if that one all-important drive gear was out of balance? Any imbalance, no matter how slight, would eventually reverberate throughout the entire machine and destroy it over time. That is inevitable.

Now imagine a God that is all things, but reasonable. That imbalance is fatal to the machine. If god created the machine, it would be foolish to make it self-destruct. What would be the point other than creating pain and suffering for those unfortunate enough to be caught in the deception? Again, assuming God is god and not crazy, we should assume some reasonableness from God. I would suggest if this is an attitude and a bit of reasoning that you can be comfortable with, that you do not read the Old Testament. That is a collection of caprice that is everything, but reasonable.

We can say that without fear if god is reasonable. If god is not reasonable, well it would have flown apart long before now due to the ridiculous imbalance – an unreasonable god is foolishness. Another alternative is that god is actually a construct of evil men to control trusting people.

This is not an argument against god, although god’s handlers will use personal offense and claims of blasphemy to maintain their justifications for their deceptions. After all, they are the leaders of American Religion with some paperwork that says they have God’s number and they and the Lamb are BFF’s. On the contrary, this article is for a reasonable God who is not threatened with challenges to explain itself and its lack of actions when action is so clearly called for.

God, if it is god at all, is reasonable and offers nothing for us to fear. Men will have us afraid of god to make us follow them. This is actually an article against American Organized Religion and the hypocrites that sell fear for salvation.

If we care to take a good look at American Christianity, we will see it is mostly politics and very little Jesus. A quick look at the recent Republican Convention should be enough to shame all of Christendom. If that’s not enough to get you out of church and into religion then listen to your fellow “Christians” willfully ignore truth, justice, American values and the teachings of Christ to use the name of Jesus to promote a monster for political gain.

American Christianity is out of balance and it is predictably self-destructing. People are running from Christian churches like refugees run from their destruction. That doesn’t seem to matter to the present day Pharisees. They build great temples to their ideas and their narcissism and call them Churches.

The Chrystal Cathedral in Los Angeles cost as much to build as the Government says it would take to feed 25,000 families of 4 for an entire year. There are 25,000 hungry people living within walking distance to that testament to corruption. The very religious people running that Ponzi scheme are about to put another $50 million into that campus. In the name of God and great churches, the hungry will remain hungry, but religion will waste food on glass.

If God is everything we are being sold by the great Church builders, they are in some trouble. Jesus did his work without being surrounded by glass. He even said something about what happens when 2 or more are gathered in his name and that had nothing to do with building great buildings with church money in the middle of suffering people. Great churches are, some believe, actually edifices built to honor the Devil. Today I agree with that assessment. Today I turn my back on Organized American Religion because their god is out of balance, it condones building great Churches in the middle of suffering and feeding the hungry is a secondary business for most churches in America. The first church business seems to be bullying their flocks into fear and tithing.

The bottom line is that their God is not good enough to be my god. I reject them all without fear, because my god is reasonable and it is not afraid to be challenged.



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