The Art is in the Questions.


We are in the beginnings of the Information Age. Knowledge, or what passes for knowledge, is an everyday concern for most of us. “Are we being lied to again”, is a common question – the answer is all important.

The people who know how to ask the right questions will find the answers. Those who cannot pierce the wall of self-interest and lies are always left wondering and vulnerable.

Knowledge is possible, truth can be found, but it’s all in the questions.

The following article is another installment of MarksNotes public service announcements for individual freedom:

The Socratic Method

“But those gardens made up of letters, it is by way of play, it seems, that he will sow and write them; and each time he writes, building up a treasure of recollection against the forgetfulness of old age, for him if he ever reaches it, and for all those who follow in his footsteps, he will find pleasure in watching the growth of these tender shoots. And when other men will indulge in other kinds of plays, drinking-parties and the like, he, on the contrary, will likely spend his time playing the way I said. ” (Phædrus, 276d)


How Google works

The Socratic Method


The method used by Business:

Plato’s Dialogues


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